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chainshipping's Journal

Chainshipping - Don't Leave Me
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Welcome to Chainshipping, a community dedicated to fanworks and discussions focused on the totally real fictitious slash relationship between Lawrence Gordon and Adam Faulkner, of James Wan and Leigh Whannell's 2004 film 'Saw'. A slash relationship is that of a flirtatious, romantic, or sexual nature. If this in any way causes discomfort to you or those around you, you are advised to avoid posts made within this community.

Fanfiction, mixes, videos, icons, and other graphics may all be posted here, assuming they stay relevant to Adam, Lawrence, or (preferably) both. Images wider than 400px, and block text longer than 200 words must all be placed under a cut. Graphic material must be marked as such, and contain appropriate warnings in a clear and public manner.

Material pertaining to Cary Elwes and Leigh Whannell personally will also be accepted, to a certain degree of separation. Yes, some of us may care that Cary was just photographed with his daughter in the park. But really? Most of us don't. For this reason, please ensure that the material you are posting contains at least some mention of/significance to the Saw franchise.

RPF (Real Person Fiction [Cary/Leigh]) must take place during the filming/premiering of Saw, or center around events that occur as an after-effect of it, unless set in an Alternate Universe (AU).

Despite the fact that this is generally a laid-back community, there are rules, and we do have to follow them. The following pertain to comments/discussions/interactions only. Art and fiction will not be screened or edited to comply.

Language; while obscenities will generally be accepted and/or overlooked within this community (adult content settings are on, after all), please use some degree of your social situation filter. We don't want it to sound like Jerry Springer up in here.

Bigotry; if ever the subject of religion, race, sexuality, or otherwise potentially touchy subjects should come up, we ask that you handle it calmly, or remove yourself from the conversation. Should such a situation escalate into an issue, feel free to contact me personally, and it will be handled.

Spoilers; we now run on a basis wherein all plot details of Saw I are fair game. If you're in the community, we assume that you've seen at least Saw I. Likewise, no one's going to trap you in razor wire if you let slip some plotlines from II-VI, as most who are into the franchise enough to have seeked out this community have probably caught up that far by now. However, details of Saw VII (3D) should always be placed under a whiteout, or lj-cut, until further notice.

If you have any further comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to message preferthemoss, or send me an email at preferthemoss@hotmail.com, and you will be replied to as soon as possible.